Best Support Network!

Best Support Network!
2nd Half Marathon

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


     Since my last post I have completed my undergraduate degree in Honours Geography and Sociology! I also worked as a counsellor at Cairn during Teen Week. I loved every second of it.
     Now that I'm home I am back to my 16k running clinic and Weight Watchers. We had two kinesiologists as our guest speakers last night to talk about over training. We ran a humid, muggy 5k in Newmarket last night. As a result I had difficulty sleeping last night, which I think was in response to the heat and that I was not getting four runs in a week. Yesterday I ran without my Garmin because I knew I would be looking at it every ten seconds. The 5k was hard to get back into especially with the heat. I ran with Suzanne yesterday which was nice since we were running at the same speed. I look forward to getting to know my clinic members better.    
     Tomorrow I will be getting my first taste of tempo runs, my plan is to ensure that I hydrate throughout the day and use Thursday as a rest day. I will not be running the Zoo Run as the 10k portion is sold out. I feel like I have a lot of work to do to train for my Halloween 16k Race. I also need to follow my running program so that I am healthy and feel good for my convocation October 29th. This weeks long slow distance run is 9k.
     How have you been finding the heat?

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